Business ideas production to 10 000$

Another business idea for production is simple and obvious, which is simply not come for no one in his head. Manufacture of sets of wet and dry wipes for athletes, moms and dads and travelers. Read more in stationary shower. The business idea of an athlete.

've found this interesting thing - the idea for production. I would such acquired with pleasure, and then was tortured floor near the stove to scrub . Cassette to protect against splashing boiling drops of grease and moisture when frying. Its author Zyuzin Yuri Borisovich, Yoshkar-Ola, (8362)462850. If you decide to open the production, the first thing I please, sell .


Folding lightweight umbrella on a backpack, who invented Ivanov V.B. have been unfortunately, were not able to find it anywhere contacts. If anyone knows, please share . Such umbrella will be good not only for those who go on the nature, but also those who just go with a backpack. So to me this the idea for production it seems promising.


Oleg Kovalenko entrepreneur from Samara says on the website of Oleg Tinkov as developed its a business idea with production mosquito nets to the plastic Windows. You can read heaps of books, but did not understand - fits this business idea for you or not, but not long enough to hear the story and immediately clear is yours or not. Learn fit You like this the idea for production.

Business idea for production - manufacturing of forms for ice sculptures. Casting forms of reinforced durable plastic. These forms can be sold to restaurants, on weddings and celebrations, the companies involved in the supply of ice.

Business idea - production the ice. This requires freezer and water filter. Ice should be nice and clean and our tap water is this not be achieved without a filter. In addition what you can do with wet ice can be done on the orders of ice colored or with special composition of water. Create your web site and allow customers to use imagination , develop Your the idea for production.

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