Business ideas for production with a budget of up to$3000

Production of handmade furniture to order. The idea is not new, but it is interesting and quite profitable. Especially if You like to work with wood, to do what people will be happy to use several years.

The idea of business is production fashion clothes for invalidate ideas collections and the curator of the project, which are explained in the article Fashion for people with disabilities, became a woman many years suffering rassadnym sclerosis. This idea may settle down and in the Russian market. Make profitable business in which You will be able to be fit!

The idea for production - funny baby shoes. The site has 2 stories, both masters have developed the design and sew baby shoes. Read more about it: Stories of success - 11 business ideas that you can start at home. Home business ideas handmade 2011. Who's the trend ?

The idea for production that is almost as old world - blacksmithing. Despite a General tendency care Western customers from mass production and the pursuit of what made specially for him, blacksmithing can get 2nd breath and become profitable. Read more from the article Blacksmith from USA. Home tech business.

About business ideas manufacture of wire netting wrote Alexander Nikolaev from Masterstal. Their company site:

Ideas for production clean fuel and fuel briquettes from waste wood( sawdust,cutting ,slabs) sent us Eugene from Ekaterinburg (+7 9120350392). Call him, if the idea is interesting and he will tell You about business ideas - production the fuel pellets from sawmill waste.

Sewing business is a manufacturing business that you can start at home. Read the success story business ideas for production accessories sewn house mistress of America . And still recommend reading the article the Work of seamstresses and sewing business, where our user and Director of CJSC Rusana Hope (uniforms, etc.) gives some useful tips.

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